Polo in the Park

About Us

Once again, we return to Hurlingham Park in Fulham, to host the largest and certainly most fun polo tournament in Europe.

We have teams representing six different Cities from around the world competing over three days. You will get to see a minimum of three games of polo a day. Of particular excitement this year is that on Friday 8th June, we are hosting an England International match at Hurlingham again, competing under our newly ratified City Polo Series Rules. 

If you haven't been to the event before, we hope that you will enjoy our unique format of fast and furious polo. We have tweaked the rules of polo to make the game faster and to bring the spectators closer to the action. In between exploring our shopping village or enjoying our delicious food offerings, you can watch the polo from a plethora of bars, gardens or grandstand whilst enjoying great music and endless entertainment with your friends.

For all of you London parents out there, we have a special treat too. Do not miss our 'Pitch Invasion' for children on the morning of Sunday 10th June. This will be West London's biggest ever children's party. Come and enjoy a glass of Champagne Lanson Rosé whilst your children have a really special day out.

The Rules

Chestertons Polo in the Park has simplified the traditional rules of polo so that newcomers will be able to follow the action without any prior knowledge of the game.

  • Smaller Polo Field: meaning the action is never far away from the spectator.
  • The Lanson Perfect Start: unique to our event and provides an exhilarating start.
  • 45 Yard Ring: goals scored from outside this line are worth double the points compared to a goal scored from within.
  • Changing Ends: teams change ends only at half time – making the game quicker and simpler.

Weekend Hospitality at Polo in the Park, London